Friday, June 27, 2008

Business Casual

So my new job requires associates dress up in at least business casual attire everyday. My company even went as far as having a presentation for new hires (people who have been here for 2 years or less are in this category) on this particular subject. The very high ranking associate giving the presentation had to point out that the tennis shoes, t-shirts, and even jeans worn by many people in attendance were not acceptable business casual attire. Fine. This speech seemed pretty obvious to me. Who in their right mind thinks it is acceptable to wear tennis shoes, a t-shirt, and jeans to a professional work environment? Well apparently, everyone my age! Many twenty-something associates proceeded to argue with the presenter about having to adhere to a business casual routine.

I cannot believe some of these people! First off, clients routinely walk around our offices. What will they think if they see associates dressed like their teenage kids? Secondly, we are in a professional work environment! Our bosses all dress up! What do you think our bosses think of associates in skater shoes? And lastly, who in their right mind argues with a high ranking associate about the dress code? Some people are crazy. I guess the current unemployment numbers don't scare some people!

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