Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I just read a post on the Tax Prof Blog about why a certain professor (Kyron Huigens) is endorsing Obama. Mr. Huigens' perspective on intellectualism only confirms why I cannot stand to be around certain groups of lawyers and law students. I find people like Mr. Huigens to be extremely arrogant. Apparently, if you did not attend Harvard law or get A's you cannot be intellectual (referring to Pres. Bush getting C-'s at Yale as anti-intellectualism). Good to know! I really think that a lot of people in the legal field take themselves too seriously sometimes. Yes, there are very intelligent people in law. But there are also plenty of intelligent people in other fields. Being a lawyer, graduate student, or whatever else does not mean that you are automatically more intellectual or superior to other people. For example, law clerks at the last firm I worked at did not speak to the support staff because they felt they were superior to the staff. Umm, last time I checked, the law firm support staff typically knows a lot more than any newbie attorney. And so what if you know more, treat people with respect!

Anyway, I'd better get my stupid self back to work.

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