Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Political Ponderings

It has been reported that McCain might announce a VP this week. He might as well, other wise he might not get any media coverage with Obama and his brigade of network reporters touring the Middle East and Europe. I think McCain is going to ask Mitt Romney to be his running mate. Anyone else have a guess?

And with regard to the whole NY Times editorial issue, what a weird turn of events. After reading McCain's editorial and the email sent by the NY Times editor, I think it would be hard to say that the editor was being fair with his criticism. Seriously, he told McCain to "mirror" Obama's editorial and to define what "victory" means to him, as well as include his timetables for troop withdrawals. Umm, basically the editor asked McCain to re-write his editorial like he is from the Democratic party. McCain is opposed to firm time tables and thinks that victory means stability in both the short and long term. Weird....Shouldn't he be allowed to publish an editorial in the style that he feels is appropriate? The Volokh Conspiracy also has a post on this subject here.

And with regard to Hilary Clinton, where is she?

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