Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sleepy Random Thoughts

I had a hard time waking up this morning. I am flat out exhausted. I am on my second cup of coffee and am still sleepy. The only cure for this zombie mode I am in is a much needed break from work. Luckily, my hubby and I get to celebrate the 4th of July with a three day weekend! So, we are dropping the dog off tomorrow at Camp Bow Wow and then heading up north for a weekend of fun at my grandparents' home. They live on a beautiful lake, which means plenty of jet skiing and swimming for us! Of course, this weekend will not be totally work free. I plan on bringing a few client files and some random projects to work on at night.

So what can I tell you about the new job? Hmm... I turned in my first real legal document last week and received very positive feedback. It felt awesome to receive a little bit of praise, especially since I constantly feel like an idiot here. I always knew that law school did not really prepare you for the working world, but it is crazy to me that I paid so much money for school when it was my clerkships that really taught me the law! Anyway, despite feeling dumb most of the time, I try to keep positive and learn whatever I can, as often as I can.

Well my rambling is over for now. Have a great 4th of July everyone!

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