Sunday, September 28, 2008


My Packers are self destructing. Aaron Rodgers is letting himself get frustrated early in the game, which is hurting the Packers offense. And the play calling has been pretty bad lately. I know that McCarthy wants to get Grant back in to the offense, but come on, start handing off to Brandon Jackson instead for awhile. At least Jackson is producing! And if I can pole vault on a broken ankle, Rodgers can keep himself in the game long enough to hand the ball off. Putting in a very very very inexperienced rookie, like Flynn, at a crucial point in the game is ridiculous. Ok, done with my rant.

On the bright side, the Brewers looked great today. So, I am taking off the Packers jersey and donning my Brewers jersey for the remainder of the day.

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thecanary said...

I hope he does better tomorrow!