Saturday, November 15, 2008

Life after law school.....

Work is going well. This week was less busy for me, so I spent a lot of it helping other co-workers with their client files. And on Friday I found out that I am going to start training in a speciality area that I am extremely interested in. I am very excited for the opportunity to train in this area. The great part about it, is that 5 other consultants were competing against me for this training opportunity and I apparently won. I feel cool because I am the youngest and newest associate and I beat out a bunch of experienced people for this slot.

Generally, life is going well. I work a lot of hours, but somehow I still manage to have some fun. Life after law school is a lot more enjoyable than life during law school. I am busier than I was during law school, but actually working and applying the law and receiving a paycheck, makes the work worthwhile. The best part of life after law school, is the time I spend reading fun books. I have re-read a lot of my favorite philosophy books over the last few weeks. Additionally, I have been able to keep up with the new Dune series books. I have also been able to read the morning paper, which has been my favorite morning ritual.

I have also been able to have more non-law related discussions with friends and my husband. I have enjoyed discussing politics over the last few weeks with non-law student types (no comment on why I find this enjoyable).

Additionally, I have started playing guitar again. It is very relaxing to come home and play an instrument after a long, hard day of work. The next hobby I went to resume is attending star parties. My husband and I are both major astronomy geeks. I cannot wait to star gaze again.

Ok, I will stop listing the details of my life. Have a great weekend!

p.s......CONGRATS to my little sis, who has decided to attend the Air Force Academy next year. She has been in the hard place of deciding whether to attend West Point or the Air Force Academy.

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