Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Random Updates

I am nervous for the election results tonight. Of course I will be up as late as necessary, watching the results pour in. I voted a few weeks ago and so today I will just be a passive observer.

In addition to obsessing over the election results, I will be busy all day at work. I have six open projects, all with due dates of a week or less. I am going to have to move at incredible speeds to make a proper dent in those files today. But, I will admit that I wll be extremely distracted by news reports of the election.

On a random side note, my dog is an escape artist. She has learned how to open the sliding glass door to my porch. So, as I pull up to the apartment after work I often see my dog sitting on the porch, with my comforter and whatever else she has decided to bring out there with her! I have tried putting a rod in the door frame, so she cannot open the door. But, somhow she moves the rod and still opens the door. Today I moved a box of weights over to the door frame area, which she should not be able to move. I hope that I do not come home to my dog and my comforter sitting on the porch today. :(

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