Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Travel Nightmares

Last Friday I flew out to SLC, so I could drive back to Chicago with my husband. The interesting story is not that I flew out to SLC, but the adventure of getting to the airport, and eventually getting to SLC.

So, I arranged to be picked up by a shuttle service to get to the airport at a reasonable time. I am still new to the Chicago area and driving to the airport and leaving my car makes me nervous. The driver was supposed to be at my place at 6 am. Of course, I get a phone call at 6:15 am from my lost driver. I spent the next 15 minutes standing in the freezing blizzard falling around me, giving directions to the driver. After finally spotting my driver, I turn around to go back in to the apartment building to grab my luggage. Unfortunately, I realized I had locked myself out and was staring at all of my luggage from outside. So, I had to buzz one of my sleeping neighbors to let me in.

I finally get in the car, freezing and soaking wet from standing in the snow fall. We make it about a half mile down the road and my driver drives us in to a ditch. Yup, in to a freakin ditch. So, he asks me to get out and push, haha. Did I complain? Nope. I got out and tried to push us out of a ditch. I was not able to push us out of the ditch, and basically just made my clothes dirty. After my unsuccessful attempt to get us out of the ditch, I thought the driver would call his boss or someone to get us out of there. Instead he just sat there. It was ridiculous! Please note that I could not really get mad at this guy, he was really old, and just working to make enough to support himself and his wife. So, I called a tow truck. Seventy-five dollars later we were pulled out of the ditch and on the way to the airport.

It was the worst ride ever! We got stuck 4 more times on the way to the airport. And every time we were stuck, I had to get out and push us, haha. But 3.5 hours later, I made it to the airport.

I headed over to my gate only to see the word "delayed" behind every posted flight. My flight was delayed for 2.5 hours. But lucky for me, at least my flight was not cancelled. The flight itself was not too bad, except that the lady behind me did not change her baby's diaper until the end of the flight. I basically had dirty diaper smell permeating the area for a four hour flight! Yup, the 3.5 hour flight took a little longer than normal too, because of a nasty headwind. And SLC was in the middle of a huge snow storm, so my plane had to circle and wait its turn to use the one open runway!

But eventually I made it to SLC! That is just my flight story...The drive story was semi-crazy as well.. However, I think I am done posting about my travel nightmares!

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