Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I'll start the post with another pic of Lobo smiling..

Work and Bar Exam

I am a walking zombie now adays. I get to work early and study for the February bar exam for a few hours. After listening to one of the IPOD bar lectures I start my work projects for the day. I work and study all day long. It isn't really anything new to me, considering I worked and attended law school at the same time. However, it feels like I am more tired now than I used to be in law school. It is truly strange to come in to work when it is dark outside, and to leave for home when it is also dark outside..It as if I don't have any days, only nights for Mondays-Fridays.


I am excited for Christmas. I had a lot of fun gift shopping over the past weekend. Now I just need to get myself to the post office to mail off my gifts! And I have been watching a lot of Christmas movies on tv lately. I have watched "White Christmas" and "Its a Wonderful Life" over the past few weeks. Both of them are truly great movies. It is funny to watch them and realize how little you understand about the plots of movies when you are a child. Watching these movies as an adult is a truly moving experience, mostly because how sentimental you become as you get older. I'll stop being cheesy now.

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