Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Am sick of getting sick!

It seems like I feel ill once every two weeks or so. I cannot figure out if I keep catching bugs from my co-workers, who keep catching bugs from their kids.. Or do I keep getting ill because I have been working too much?? Or is it a combination of both? All I know is that I feel sick again today. But I cannot take today off because I have too much work to do. Hopefully the caffeine from my cup of coffee will give me some temporary energy and help improve my outlook on the day.


gudnuff said...

Not to get all mommy-ish on you, BUT, are you eating well? I, for one, am not. I think I get anemic. It really takes the stiffness out of your spine, lemme tell ya. And I do not take any vitamins, multi or otherwise. And I often go weeks without eating a single piece of fruit. Really, I should have rickets by now, I think. Anyway, I'm sure I would feel a LOT better if I actually ate better. It might be purely psychosomatic, but whenever I eat liver, I swear I feel better the next day.

Dagny said...

I do need to eat better. I drink a lot of coffee and eat too many snackwell's chocolate sandwich cookies...Ugh!