Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Friday was a crazy-busy work day. I sprinted from one client file to the next and sat in on a bunch of conference calls in between drafting reports. To cap it off, a few of my clients did not send me the data and files that I needed to complete their projects. So, I fully expected Monday to be a hectic day of catch-up. Surprisingly enough, Monday was boring. Again, my clients did not submit their data sheets and files to me yesterday, even though important deadlines are coming up for them. Instead of writing reports and modeling out scenarios all day long, I organized my desk and started researching for an article that I want to draft. It was strange not to feel rushed for once.

After work I came home to an awesome meal cooked by my husband. He makes the best tacos in the world. We ate tacos and watched re-runs of NCIS until we passed out. I know I sound slightly boring, but I'll take boring over a dramatic any day.

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