Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I have a problem...

I have a problem. It does not matter how careful I am, I spill coffee on myself or my desk or my keyboard or computer on almost a freaking daily basis. It is getting ridiculous! I cannot plan my daily wardrobe based on whether someone will be able to tell if I spilled coffee on my lap...I am sick of black pants!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sunny Day

It is supposed to be 87 degrees today! I am stoked for a warm and sunny day here in Chicago. Heck, when it was only 56 degrees on Tuesday I made my husband play basketball outside with me after work. I am still deciding what outdoor adventure I will make my husband endure after work today. I am also looking forward to a warm weather weekend. I think we will probably shoot some hoops, go for a run, canoe, or do something else outdoorsy and fun.

Things are going well on the work front. I just received my year-to-date utilization report, and my numbers are tracking well above my targeted goals. So, barring some unforeseen dry spell, I should meet my billable hours target.

Other than work and outdoor play time, nothing too exciting going on with me. I would talk about politics, but it offends most of the people who read my blog. Besides, I think I would rather focus on the positive things going on around me now adays.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend!

Friday, April 3, 2009


Things I miss
1. Living in the desert
2. Living by the mountains
3. Seeing my family more often
4. Del Taco
5. Sitting at the coffee shop with old friends

Things I don't miss
1. Law school (except for some of my classmates)
2. High school
3. Terre Haute
4. College cross country running
5. My Fundamentals of Marxism undergrad course

Favorite Food
1. Tacos
2. Filet Mignon
3. Prime Rib
4. Spaghetti
5. Peas

Favorite TV Shows
2. Grey's Anatomy
3. Fringe
4. Sarah Connor Chronicles
5. House

Newspapers/Websites I Read Daily
1. Wall Street Journal
2. Drudgereport
3. Bloomberg.com
4. Financial Times
5. A bunch of blogs

Off to work....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


My bosses are all on spring break vacation this week. I asked if I could take Monday off and was told no. I took last Friday off, and ended up working from home anyway. I need a freakin vacation, whether my boss agrees or not. Just a day or two would be nice. Granted, the reason I was told not to take this week off is because I am the only trained back-up for one of my bosses and need to be available to take all client and consultant questions this week. So, here is to hoping that I will be able to take a few days off next week!

Work has been beyond hectic this week. I have a new found appreciation for what my boss (the one trained in the same specialty as me) actually does. I walk in to the office every morning to 20-30 more emails than I normally receive. As soon as I log in to my computer, a million little instant messages pop up from other consultants. All of the questions are supposedly life or death and need to be resolved ASAP. To say this week has been slightly stressful is a bit of an understatement!It is only Wednesday and I feel like it is Friday!

Ok, back to work.