Thursday, May 28, 2009

Playoffs and everything else..

Well, apparently the fact that my kickball team has not won a game does not prevent us from being in the playoffs. We play some undefeated team tonight. My quad is starting to feel better, so I should be able to play. However, the only way I can kick without pain is by keeping my leg straight when I kick the ball (which means I can not swing it back at an angle). I am sure I will look ridiculous tonight!

Work is still going well. Things are pretty slow here this month, which means that I spend most of my time writing articles that we can forward to clients. It is a lot easier to write articles now that I have a specialty and I am somewhat competent in it. Compare that to when I first started and my boss asked me to write an article about a subject I was clueless about. It was a ton harder to draft something back then.

Additionally, I am taking some PTO in two weeks. One of my sisters and one of my husband's friends are flying out to visit us. We plan on taking them all over Chicago. It should be a blast.

Alright, I am done rambling...

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