Friday, May 15, 2009


I went to the Cubs game yesterday with a bunch of my co-workers. It was a lot of fun eating hot dogs and watching the game. The only downside to the game was that the Cubs won (I am an avid Brewers fan). I look forward to dragging my co-workers up to Miller Park for a Brewers game within the next few weeks.

Work is definitely slowing down a little bit and you can see the anxiety on everyone's faces. Throughout the game, conversation would turn to questions regarding everyone's monthly utilization numbers. It is hard disclosing my utilization rates to co-workers because my numbers have not been that bad the last few months. If I disclose my numbers, then my co-workers may turn more competitive with me. Anyway, so I basically dodge the question and say that the last few months have been rough for a lot of people...I feel like a jerk, but I think that I would be a bigger jerk telling people that my numbers have been pretty good..

Ok, I am off to finish a project. Have a nice weekend everyone!

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