Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Almost the weekend!

It feels like Friday at work this morning. My boss is out for the week. Many of my co-workers are also out for the week. It is just me and a small group of fellow employees churning out client documents today and likely, tomorrow. As noted in previous posts, I actually enjoy when the office is quiet. I can work in peace, and be productive, without a ton of people stopping by to chat. I am especially happy that my boss is not in today. He pulled a little Robin Hood move on me yesterday. Basically my boss took a portion of my June billable hours and allocated them to someone who "needed" them more than I do. WTF? Last I checked, I am the one who produced the client deliverables and interacted with the client...This had better not happen again!


Shelley said...

Er - IMHO, you need to chat with your boss to make sure that never happens again - and that you get credit for your billables! That is appalling and dishonest. It's like when my brother was in IED No. 2 and one of the officers wanted to give the commendation (or whatever) to someone who hadn't had one yet, instead of my brother, who was apparently hogging IEDs. Jerkface.

Dagny said...

The story about your brother makes me mad. Your brother risks his life in the armed forces, only to have someone take commendations away from him because he does his job too well? Some people in this world have some seriously flawed logic.