Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dear Secretary

Dear Secretary,

I treat you with respect everyday. I do not get mad or yell at you or even criticize you when you hand me back documents with typos on them everyday. I do not get mad or yell at you whenever you get angry with me for handing you something to work on. But, I will admit that I am starting to get mad and angry with your lack of respect towards me. I do not think it is too much to ask that you use spell check, read your work for typos, and that you do not get angry with me whenever I ask you do your job.

Ugh!!!! I do not think I can put up with this anymore...


gudnuff said...

This sounds like the legal secretaries at our headquarters office. if they earned $ per complaint, they'd be dripping with diamonds and vacationing in Europe. The lawyers are treated with scorn and derision behind their backs and slightly patronizingly to their faces. And our lawyers are nice!

Luke said...

They should not do that. They do not know the stress and pressure lawyers are subjected to. Good thing for them, they can submit such sub par works with typos. Lawyers can't do that in court.