Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Not Enough Time

Typical Day
Wake up at 4:30 am and run for 20-40 minutes. Get ready and head out the door by 6 am. Arrive at work between 6:30 am-7:00 am and crank through client files and business proposals and sit in on client conference calls or meetings until 6:00 pm or 7:00 pm. Leave the office and arrive home at around 7:00pm -7:30 pm, depending on how bad traffic is. Eat dinner and watch a tv show, while studying or working on a client file. Head to bed around 9:30 pm... Not much has changed since law school. I still find myself sprinting from one task to the next. Life is crazy..


gudnuff said...

...4:30am you say? I did that for about a 3 month stretch a few years ago. 15 minute drive to the gym. Hour on the treadmill. 15 minutes back home. Another hour getting showered, breakfast, getting kid up and dressed and ready for her day. By 1pm, I was feeling tired. By 3pm, my mental functions were noticeably slipping. By 5pm, I was lucky if I could find my car in the parking garage. That was when I was walking into walls and trying to understand why my car key would not unlock my office door. Maybe I should try this routine again. I've gained over ten pounds. My clothes don't feel or look good on me this summer. Alright, Dagny. Alright!! Geesh. Tomorrow? I'll share the results.

shell said...

I am speechless. Your day sounds much more rigorous than I could ever have imagined. WoW! How do you even get some down time?

Dagny said...

Gudnuff: Glad to hear that you are going to try to run again. However, I recommend buying a treadmill so you can run at home. I would never work out if I had to drive somewhere before work, haha!

Shell: I just don't have any down time anymore. However, this craziness won't last forever. I am basically paying my dues at the firm.

Annie said...

Purpose is what makes life worth living... or so they say! That is a crazy schedule!