Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I went to a preseason NFL game last Saturday, the Packers vs. the Browns. Of course, the Packers won the game 17 to 0. I know it is only a preseason game, but gosh, the Packers looked awesome. It was the most balanced game I think I have seen them play in a long time. The offense and the defense both looked good! Here is to hoping that they do well this year!Obviously, I love football season. I am not quite ready for the fall to be here, but I am definitely ready for football season to be here!

And on an annoying note, I cannot stand that Brett Favre is playing for the Vikings this year! Of all the teams he could play for, he goes to the Vikings..It is outrageous.


Shelley said...

I thought of you when I heard the news! :) Glad you had fun at the game, though.

Luke said...

Oh, so you like football. That must be you in the photo.

Dagny said...

Yup, its a greasy picture of me haha! It was super humid at the game! Go Pack!