Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Random Updates

1. I have to speak on a practice community conference call tomorrow, regarding some newly proposed legislation. I am super nervous to present my thoughts to the hundreds of associates at my firm. The fact that I have been asked to do a lot of research in this area makes me think that I might be transferred to a different team at the beginning of the new fiscal year. It wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, but my role would likely change.

2. One of my former high school track and field teammates recently emailed me. Super cool to see that she actually became successful in college pole vaulting and is now a fairly successful actress. I look forward to catching up with her on the phone and to comparing college competition war stories!

3. The weather is gloomy today. The grey skies make me feel like fall is on its way. When I think of the fall I think of peppermint mochas from Starbucks and NFL games on the weekends! I love the fall! Go Pack Go!

4. I think I may possibly have the most awesome husband in the world. Not only does he get up super early with me in the morning, but he also makes me coffee and packs my lunch. How sweet is that?

Alright, back to drafting my little speech for the call tomorrow.

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