Monday, November 2, 2009

Chicago is weird...

Ok, well technically, I live in a far north suburb of I should say North Chicagoland is weird...Why do I think it is weird? Well, my husband and I went Halloween candy shopping at around noon on Saturday. We went overboard, buying 20 bags of assorted candy for all of the neighborhood kids on our street. As we drove home from the store we noticed that there were a few kids already trick or treating at 1:00 pm..Wtf? Apparently, kids in our area do not wait until night to trick or treat. The city I reside in has a pre-established window for kids to trick or treat in the middle of the day! I have never seen such a weird set-up. In Utah, kids wait for night to fall, and then head out for candy. Anyway, we only handed out candy to three trick or treaters, as we missed most of the kids while we were at the store!

I would blog about the Packer game last night, but I am too bummed to do so.. Stupid Favre! Stupid Vikes!

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