Friday, December 11, 2009

More Random Updates

I received my bonus check today, well, at least half of it. That is right, the government took half of it. Ugh, I might as well start viewing my annual bonus opportunity differently. Specifically, I need to view it has "target divided by a little over half." Good to know someone else (the government and the spend happy politicians) are enjoying my hard work. Enough griping..

On a positive note, I have decided that I am going to start my trek back west for the holidays a little earlier than planned. The hubby, Lobo and I will start our drive on Saturday, the 19th versus leaving on the 22nd. I know it is a long drive, but I seriously am so excited to go somewhere warm for a few days. The crazy drive will be worth it. Plus, driving allows us to bring the dog on our little vacation. I really did not want to leave her in boarding for two weeks.

Alright, back to cranking out client reports..Have a nice weekend everyone!

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