Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Quiet Office

I have been working half days for the past few weeks, as client work and internal projects have gone to the wayside during the Holidays. The best part of half days is coming home when it is still light outside! Most of the time I go to work in the dark and return when it is equally as dark. But this quiet time will soon fade as proxy season begins. Proxy season, which runs from January to May, is my busiest time of the year. So, I think I will enjoy the half days for the rest of the week and then prepare for the craziness that is right around the corner!

Happy holidays everyone!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Working on Sunday

I am currently sitting at my desk, cranking out projects so that I can take Friday off. Normally I would be angry right now, as I would likely be missing the Packer game. But because the Packers have a bye week, I really cannot be that mad. :) All I can say is that I am very lucky that my husband is so supportive of my nutty work schedule. Here is to hoping that this schedule is not permanent.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Note to Self

If you want to get paid as much as two people typically make combined, then it is expected that you work as many hours as two people typically do...Oops.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Well, I have not blogged for months. I have been a billing machine for the last few months. Specifically, I have been busy trying to exceed my monthly billable goals so that I can get a big bonus to pay down a chunk of my student loans. Luckily all of the hard work paid off, as I finished the fiscal year well over 100% of target!

The client projects I work on continue to be very interesting to me. I am able to work with some of the world's largest corporations on a daily basis. I draft employment contracts for executive officers and help companies obtain share pools. Sounds boring, but its actually a lot of fun.

And life in general is going well. My husband and dog are still as awesome as ever!The Packers are playing better. I look forward to taking some time off around Christmas to road trip back out west and hang out with family..

Alright, this short update is all you get for now.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010



I wake up this morning to the news that Jim Huffman is the Republican candidate for a Senate seat in Oregon. Awesome!

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Famous McDonald's Coffee Case

For the first time in my life, I understand why the lady in the McDonald's coffee case actually sued McDondald's. When the barista at Starbucks handed me my overfilled venti coffee this morning the lid was not secured all the way. As soon as I grabbed it from her, the lid popped off and a good amount of the coffee spilled on to my right hand and also all over my lap. It hurt horribly. And even though the coffee only touched the skin on my hand for just a few seconds it was hot enough that it blistered my skin...Not a fun way to start off the day.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Busy Season

It is my busy season right now. The crazy hours and workload will last until May. And unfortunately for me, I am sick right now. My throat is swollen and I can barely move. If it were not for Popsicles and coffee I probably would not be getting any calories right now. My husband is also very sick. He slept upstairs and I slept on the pull-out couch bed last night, as he coughs on me in his sleep. It's pretty gross and he denies doing it on purpose, haha. :) I am not sure what I believe.

Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm Tired

I am so freakin tired. I have been working from 4am to 9pm every night this week. I am overcaffeinated and worn out. You would think that since the spin my workload would go down because a bunch of partners with work left. However, the opposite has occurred and I am swamped beyond belief with work. I know I should be grateful, but right now all I want is sleep.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Well, a lot has happened at work. Except, I have been unable to blog about it until now. I did not want to post about the situation at work because a few people who read this blog actually know the name of my current employer.

Anyway, I came back from my holiday break in December only to be told that a large number of partners/principals were leaving the firm to start their own "independent" firm. I was also told that a bunch of us were being traded back and forth between the partners that were leaving and the remaining partners. Of course, because I am one of only two people in the whole firm who is trained in an important specialty I was not allowed any choice in the matter. I was told that I would have to stay with the old firm, as the other person in my specialty was being traded (yup, we were being traded like baseball cards)to the new firm.

I had mixed feelings about the whole situation. It felt horrible knowing that some of the biggest rainmakers in the firm were leaving and I did not even have a choice about whether I could go with them. But on other side, I ended up realizing that this is my opportunity to shine. I have a lot of ideas regarding ways that client transactions in my specialty can be handled more efficiently and profitably. And strangely enough, with half of the partners gone, I now have more say in how things get done in my area of expertise. I figure I have nothing to lose. I am young enough that if this new situation does not pan out, I can always move on to somewhere else in a few years. But, I am going to try to stay optimistic and see what I can do...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I am buried in paperwork. Mounds of client files sit on my desk. I am not sure vacation is worth it if what results is absolute chaos at work!

Monday, January 4, 2010


I need a vacation from my vacation! We drove about 4,000 miles during my two week vacation. The first part of the trip consisted of a drive from Chicago to Phoenix. We stayed there for a little over a week, and also took a short break and drove to CA for a few days, before driving back to Phoenix. After spending some time with family in Phoenix, we drove from Phoenix to SLC, UT. We spent three days there with my husband's family before heading back to Chicago. My Jeep apparently needs a break, as the oil light came on this morning..So, I stole my husband's Jeep this morning, hoping that he will figure out whatever is wrong with my Jeep.

I'll admit that I checked my work email over the break, but only to make sure I didn't return to hundreds of unread emails. Nothing exciting happened over the vacation, I simply relaxed and played a lot with family. It was awesome not working on corporate legal matters for two weeks.

And now I am back to the reality of the workplace. Time to drink some coffee and move at incredible speeds, while trying to sort out what needs to be done!