Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I am buried in paperwork. Mounds of client files sit on my desk. I am not sure vacation is worth it if what results is absolute chaos at work!

Monday, January 4, 2010


I need a vacation from my vacation! We drove about 4,000 miles during my two week vacation. The first part of the trip consisted of a drive from Chicago to Phoenix. We stayed there for a little over a week, and also took a short break and drove to CA for a few days, before driving back to Phoenix. After spending some time with family in Phoenix, we drove from Phoenix to SLC, UT. We spent three days there with my husband's family before heading back to Chicago. My Jeep apparently needs a break, as the oil light came on this morning..So, I stole my husband's Jeep this morning, hoping that he will figure out whatever is wrong with my Jeep.

I'll admit that I checked my work email over the break, but only to make sure I didn't return to hundreds of unread emails. Nothing exciting happened over the vacation, I simply relaxed and played a lot with family. It was awesome not working on corporate legal matters for two weeks.

And now I am back to the reality of the workplace. Time to drink some coffee and move at incredible speeds, while trying to sort out what needs to be done!