Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Daddy's Girl

This picture makes me laugh. Kyra in a star wars t-shirt and a jean skirt..Definitely a daddy's girl! She is just over 6.5 months old, and continues to make me laugh. Now that it is warm outside we have been taking her out for walks. She is so fascinated with flowers and trees. Super cute to see how curious she is about the world. And now that she can crawl wherever she wants, we have to be careful with her and her overwhelming curiosity. Work is going well for me. My busy season is not over yet. Unlike prior years its mid-May and I am still swamped. I am not sure what it means. Maybe the economy is improving or maybe my clients are becoming micro-managed by shareholders and/or the government!

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thecanary said...

What a fantastic photo. She is adorable!!