Thursday, July 19, 2012

Article of the Day

This article reminded me of my own recent experience with the judgemental comments I received from numerous co-workers (male and female) regarding the level of maternity leave I took after Kyra was born. I basically only took a few weeks off and worked from home right away. Between fighting off the vultures who wanted to maneuver into my role and trying not to get upset with the various comments I received from "friends" in the workplace, I had a difficult time with the issue addressed in the article.


thecanary said...

That was an odd article; it went back and forth between advocating for women to make personal choices for themselves as warriors (I concur!) and then flipped into criticizing corporations who forced a woman back to work in six weeks. That CEO is an outlier, but there is a closer direct equivalent in highly skilled professional employees. It takes years of job specific training and experience… No way on a 6 week replacement from some temp agency. So co-workers fill in, and the question becomes how long before the company needs to hire and train a replacement. And there is a good feeling about doing work you are good at; about being a Dagny.
Success as a wife, mother and career woman is yours to define, not anyone else’s. That’s real feminism. The criticism is just plain bs.

annieswords said...

Still we're hearing about this, and dealing with criticism... Damned if you do, damned if you don't... So just do it your way and "eff 'em". Is that too idealist? Probably. Still, if you're going "get it" no matter your choice at least make the one YOU are comfortable with!